If there’s one thing this diverse industry can agree upon, it’s that there is currently a huge deficit in standardized and reliable cannabis education. The unfortunate reality for dispensary staff is that the burden oftentimes falls on them to provide this education to all types of customers. Not an easy task in itself, and it’s one that becomes even more daunting when you consider everything it takes to keep a store running smoothly in the first place.
In traditional retail, it’s been proven that education is essential to customer loyalty and increasing the overall spend per visit, seeing as they feel more empowered, confident and comfortable. For dispensaries, this means customers are more likely to enjoy both the shopping experience as well as their purchase.
In this eBook, we will:
  • Identify how education can help both novice and avid consumers
  • Explain how in-dispensary technology is able to influence purchases
  • Introduce Seed, the cannabis education solution for modern dispensaries

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