The Fastest Growing Cannabis Consumer

According to Scientific American, marijuana use has increased in adults between ages 50 to 64 by over 60% since 2006. More surprisingly, adults over the age of 65, cannabis use has increased 250%. 
A recent survey, regarding marijuana and cannabidiol (CBD) use by baby boomers and older revealed that 83% of the 11,000+ respondents are using some form of cannabis, either for medical, recreational purposes or both. 
Lisa Cini, Senior living expert who conducted the study said, “The results frankly shocked me, and I believe they will generate some much-needed dialogue about aging, senior living, and what it means to have the freedom to be our best selves as we age. 74.1 million baby boomers in the U.S. today, don’t just want freedom as they age; they consider it oxygen for their soul.” 
More studies on this rapidly growing market are on the horizon as Spectrum Cannabis and Ontario Long Term Care Association team up to create the largest medical cannabis pilot programs to understand how medical cannabis use can potentially displace other, less-desirable treatments for pain and cognitive ailments. The six-month pilot program will follow 500 residents over the course of their care. 
“There is clearly an interest in the long-term care space to explore medical cannabis as an alternative to traditional medications for pain and degenerative cognitive function,” commented Mark Zekulin, President & Co-CEO, Canopy Growth. “The pilot study, is the first step in developing an evidence-based, best practice approach to medical cannabis that will result in consistent care for thousands of seniors and ultimately improve quality of life and outcomes in long-term care homes.”
Florida medical marijuana clinics like Access Marijuana RX, educate and provide access to seniors through responsible, measured use of medical cannabis and published the below infographic on why seniors are finding success through cannabis use.

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