Seven Reasons Why Dispensaries Love Seed

1. Education for every level of cannabis consumer.

Seed Technology has taken an integral part of the equation to garner widespread acceptance for cannabis — education — and innovated the way that consumers interact with it. The struggle of where to turn for credible cannabis education affects those of all knowledge levels, not just novice users. With cannabis, it seems there is always more to learn. From consumption methods to cannabinoid and terpene composition to in-depth product descriptions, Seed lets the customer control what information they’d most like to explore.


2. Customers can find the right answers and products on their own.

For the consumer, there is no longer a need to frantically Google foreign cannabis terminology or what product to buy from their small cell phone screen. Nor must they shy away from asking “silly” questions of staff members. On Seed touchscreens, they can take a consultation which will recommend products based on their specific answers, as well as build their confidence with cannabis. The entire platform aims to enhance the retail experience through immersive education.


3. Interactivity creates unparalleled data.

For the dispensary, Seed grants insider access to the candid curiosity of its customers. That data is then delivered in such a way that the store can stay proactive about everything from certain topics that staff should thoroughly know about to what types of products should be stocked on their shelves. Dispensaries that invest resources in a cannabis education platform like Seed are able to streamline operational efficiency while seeing a boost in sales, brand loyalty and reputation.


4. Unbiased, accurate and continually evolving cannabis information.

Seed Technology has spent thousands of hours of (ongoing) research into a medium that is as intuitive as it is impressive. Its commitment to the cannabis industry and its progress can be seen in the fact that Seed chooses to keep the company’s emphasis on education, without being swayed by those who would prefer to push their own agendas or products. This is why Seed is not a “pay to play” model, and remains true to its North Star of being the source of consistent, standardized cannabis education.


5. Touchscreen technology improves the customer experience.

Most of the technology that can be found in a dispensary today does not explicitly appear to benefit the consumer. With the exception of Seed. Seed’s inviting touchscreens allow customers to get an (extensive, if they desire) education or instead head right to an interactive product menu, where there is still cannabis information woven throughout. These two “sides” of the platform are intertwined so that gaining cannabis confidence and browsing specific products can happen fluidly and simultaneously.


6. Customers appreciate a personalized and tailored experience.

For the first time, a digital menu has ventured beyond a television with potentially out-of-stock strains of flower being burnt into the screen. Now, Seed lets consumers filter the entire menu and explore detailed product descriptions with a just a couple taps, without worrying if what they’ve set their sights on isn’t available. More importantly, they are able to see granular information about cannabinoid and terpene content, learn about the correlating consumption method(s) and see other similar products.


How is this possible? It seems that “integration” is a commonly tossed around word when it comes to technology; however, Seed has reduced the friction of manual data entry by allowing its interactive digital menu to pull from both the dispensary’s POS and inventory management systems. Hence, there is no duplication of effort by the staff. This also means that if Seed is placed in a waiting room or lobby, customers can decide what they want in advance and shopping cart those items for express pickup.


7. It’s simple, easy, integrated and reliable.

Another area in which Seed’s has simplified their technology is the hardware that the platform operates on. It is an entirely plug-and-play solution, thanks to years of previous experience enhancing the retail environment with their company, Horizon Display. Over a decade of exceeding expectations with custom hardware (and software) has lent way to crafting a solution that stands to shed the stigma of what were once called “pot shops”.


Dispensaries may not yet be known for being overly tech-savvy and sophisticated, but they do now rely heavily on software to maintain compliance and run an efficient/scalable business. With all the complications that can arise, Seed is able to offer multiple benefits to both the consumer and the dispensary, all just by being plugged into an electrical outlet.


To know us is to love us.