PRESS RELEASE: Seed integrates with POS & Inventory Management Systems

San Clemente, CA.–(Seed Technology) – Seed Technology is a leading software developer in the cannabis industry. Seed specializes in interactive dispensary applications that allow customers to access educational information and find in-stock products through a consultative approach.


In Seed’s latest release, powerful cannabis education joins forces with an interactive, live product menu by integrating with POS & inventory management systems. These two complementary aspects of the platform ensure that dispensary customers not only learn about cannabis’ effects and benefits, but also identify what products are best suited to their wants and needs.


Now, staff will have a reliable platform they can walk guests through, or defer to for a self-guided tour. With Seed, novice and experienced customers alike can browse products and receive tailored purchase recommendations by engaging with a touchscreen. One of the major benefits of these recent integrations is bringing the familiarity and experience of a digital platform to a brick-and-mortar retail store, making product selection a deliberate decision rather than a haphazard guess.


For more information on Seed, check out our product deck. 

[Deck] seed product presentation from Casey Dubbs


About Seed Technology (

Seed is an interactive, educational kiosk specifically designed for dispensaries, which includes both recreational and medical. Its immersive platform means customers are continuously furthering their education on the properties and effects of cannabis, as well as finding new products to try and love. Consumers who use Seed are able to lessen the frustration around purchasing products that are not suited to them, while dispensaries benefit by selling more product to more satisfied customers. Seed also supports dispensary staff by easing the burden of long lines, offering a credible visual aid and standardizing guidance efforts.