[Infographic] Why Cannabis Education is Critical

In this continuously evolving industry, it can feel like an impossible ask to get a straight-forward and trustworthy answer to your latest burning question about cannabis. While unlimited information may be accessible at our fingertips, navigating a burgeoning industry and overcoming the learning curve can be daunting to some, leaving most to visit their nearest dispensary for expert advice.
As this industry continues to grow, and opinions and viewpoints continue to vary, it seems we can all agree on one thing and it’s that education is critical
Currently, dispensary staff are burdened with providing excellent customer service and fulfilling orders, all while providing a comprehensive education on cannabis products in an effort to help identify what would be best to purchase.
Staff are expected to intimately know cannabis and guide visitors as accurately as possible, but oftentimes can fall short of expectations. This is why dispensaries that offer the right tools to learn about cannabis ensure that customers will find which products are most suited to their needs – which plays a big role in providing the type of positive experience that will produce a loyal customer. 
With customer experience predicted to be at the forefront of brand differentiation very soon, dispensary owners are rightfully concerned over personnel resources, staff performance and how to guarantee uniform messaging. 

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Then check out our infographic on how dispensaries

are finding greater success through consumer education.

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