I Didn’t Know Any Better

In celebration of 420 we thought it would be fun to share some stories from Seed friends and family of funny, and not-so-funny, cannabis mishaps simply because they just didn’t know any better.

This fun and unique industry sets the perfect stage for moments like the ones shared below. While many awkward moments  are easily recoverable falling into the “teachable moments” bucket, some can be more detrimental and turn away a customer completely.

One thing is for certain, the first-time cannabis experience is filled with uncertainties. Dispensaries that make the effort to ease the tension and educate customers so they can confidently purchase and successfully use cannabis products, will see growth not only in revenue but in customer loyalty as well. 


I had to have my wife pick me up… She was obviously super proud.

Like many other people out there who are discovering or rediscovering cannabis, I have a couple of failed attempts at consuming edibles. One Friday at the office, I was able to make it through the workday, but had to have my wife pick me up… She was obviously super proud. Another less-than-stellar experience was at the San Jose airport. I could not for the life of me figure out exactly where I was supposed to stand in line to board my flight. I’m pretty certain I freaked a few people out. How hard is it to understand the basic chronology of numbers? Apparently very, when you’ve had an edible on an empty stomach.

My advice? Always start low and go slow when it comes to edibles. Or maybe just go with a different consumption method. – Matthew Cutone, Founder CEO Seed Technology


I felt I needed to be an "expert" already

New to California, I was curious to check out what these legal dispensaries were all about. After getting past the security and front desk, I was stressing out! I walked up to the budtender and was so flustered, I forgot what I was looking for. I thought the customer experience would be simpler than this.

The names of the brands and strains were confusing, and I felt I needed to be an “expert” already. The environment was totally foreign, and I couldn’t muster up the courage to request something as silly sounding as Road Kill Skunk or Green Crack.

After scanning around and blush-red, I just blurted out “I’m looking for something to help me sleep”. She recommended I try their shop indica pre-roll. I wasn’t sure if I should stand there and wait, or go to the next counter? Thankfully the check-out person called my order shortly and saved me the embarrassment. The whole experience felt like it took forever, and my anxiety was on high! I couldn’t wait to get out and was definitely not looking forward to my next visit. – Frank B.


there were no instructions at all

My oldest son has been struggling with gut related issues for a few years. In desperation to try just about anything, we decided to try a CBD tincture.

The dispensary experience was okay, it was just very confusing from the get-go – including what door we were supposed to enter through. Luckily we knew we wanted a CBD tincture that didn’t include any THC, so the buying process was relatively smooth although uncomfortable and unfamiliar.

Upon getting home, we realized that the bottle didn’t have any information on dosing or how much to take – there weren’t any directions at all. We called the dispensary to get our missing dosing directions and were told to go to leafly.com and that they would have the answers – really? You can imagine how that went. We were left not knowing if it was a drop or a full tincture – and unfortunately never really got our answer.

We never got into a habit of giving the CBD to my son because we had no idea how much to give. As much as I want to introduce CBD as a part of his health regimen, the whole experience left us underwhelmed and now the bottle just sits on our shelf and we still have no idea how much to take of it. – Raquel D.


I head upstairs feeling perfectly normal, when BOOM

I was in Mexico on a business grant a few months after graduating from college and shortly after arriving, I went to a houseparty in my apartment building where a tray of brownies in the kitchen called my name! I dove right in and made it through 1.5 ooey gooey brownies before realizing they were edibles! I had only  tried cannabis twice before and this was my very first edible.

I head upstairs to use my apartment bathroom, feeling perfectly normal, when BOOM. Before I even made it to the bathroom, I plopped right on my bed, lay out spreadeagle and spent an hour in an episode of uncontrollable giggling. It was actually…kind of awesome! I mean, how often does that happen in life?! Smiling ear to ear cause you’re just so excited? It was an amazing experience but it was also the reason I had never considered cannabis to be an option when I dealt with anxiety later on in life.  I had been so focused on it’s fun properties, I was completely oblivious to the ways it could be applied to wellness when responsibly dosed and consumed! I just didn’t know any better! – Cynthia Villamizar, Cyntivee


So, I popped another one

My story began on a sunny afternoon when a friend offered me a little innocent vegan gummy edible as we packed our things up for a day at the beach. How many do I eat? My friend told me the budtender said they are pretty weak and recommended 3. I popped one into my mouth. I was immediately surprised by how good it tasted. It was like a candy and I wanted more- so I took one more. An hour later I felt nothing… so I popped another one into my mouth. Thirty minutes later it hit me. My heart began to race, anxiety crept in and I began to panic. Why had I eaten so much? What was I thinking? As I lay there listening to my heart beating out of my chest, I wondered if I could be having a heart attack. I contemplated asking my friend to call the dispensary she got these from and ask them why their staff would recommend anyone take this much? Since this experience, I have learned the saying “start low and go slow” and I now know that most dispensary staff have a very high tolerance, so you can not always trust their dosing suggestions. – Amy S. 


I decided I had no choice but to eat the whole thing

This story starts in the security line at LAX. The line was long and I could see that they were really searching everyone’s things. All of a sudden realized I had an edible in my backpack! I contemplated what to do- could I throw it away? I knew I was on camera- would they catch me? My heart was racing as the line inched forward.

In a desperate attempt to act normal I casually reached into my backpack and pulled out the half eaten chocolate bar. It was clearly labeled with a frightful 100mgs of THC, since it was half gone the estimated potency should be around 50mgs. My hands began to shake as I pictured security finding this in my things. What would I say? How could I explain this?

In desperation and with only a few more turns before I made it to the front of the line- I decided I had no choice but to eat the whole thing. So at 8am, I began stuffing my face with chocolate. As I stepped up to security I felt a sense of relief- knowing I did not have anything on me, but as I cleared security I began to realize the seriousness of my desperate decision. I was about to have a very interesting flight.

I called my friend who is an avid user and asked what I should do- she suggested I drink lots of water, and eat some black pepper. I bought a few waters, grabbed a bagel, a few pepper packets and boarded my plane. What transpired for the next 8 hours was wild. I was hot, cold, anxious, paranoid, there were moments I thought about asking someone for help- but I knew what I was experiencing was beyond anything anyone could help me with at this point. I put my hood on, earbuds in and did my best to not feel like everyone was looking at me. Fortunately, I sleep for a few hours- knocked out so hard I drooled all over myself. – Marissa G.


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