How Self-Service Kiosks are Altering Customer Behavior

With unlimited information just a smartphone search away, today’s consumers are some of the most self-educated buyers. These buyers are known to research products, consider reviews and evaluate brands holistically before making their decisions. They now have heightened expectations for companies to continually evolve to keep up with the latest trends in technology.

Living in a world with frequent software updates and ever-fancier gadgets makes our lives more streamlined and rich. On the other end, it has required retailers to reconsider the face of their storefronts. Those that make it a point to adapt to this new landscape have found the greatest success.

While e-commerce continues to climb in popularity, it still only makes up 10% of the retail market. So, while brick-and-mortar retail is clearly not going anywhere, companies are increasingly aware of the need to create an in-store digital strategy that provides continuity between their online presence and physical environment.

Implementing digital experiences that meet people’s expectations shows that a business is in-tune with their customers’ reliance on a technology-driven shopping experience. From self-ordering kiosks to smart mirrors, store-front retail has found a way to maintain it’s place in an Amazon-loving world.

Research has shown that consumers that lack expertise on a particular topic usually fear appearing ignorant in front of staff, thus keeping them from asking the necessary questions. For a dispensary, creating a comfortable and “anonymous” way for customers to ask these questions, while simultaneously learning what they need in order to make the right choices, eases tensions for novice cannabis users.

For example, seed’s FAQ feature has been found to provide dispensary visitors with a credible cannabis education that saves your staff time and you money.

With the legalization of cannabis in a growing number of states, further confusion arises when you consider the plethora of product options available within a dispensary. As a consumer, making choices about what products may be best-suited is not always an easy task. Some may be open to exploring products types but need a way to evaluate what options are available to them.

Interestingly, many cannabis consumers consider themselves adventurous when it comes to trying new product. It’s not uncommon for a person who prefers vape pens to up-sell themselves on trying edibles or a topical solution, once seed shows them which consumption methods help with chronic pain management. Moreover, someone using cannabis to manage symptoms is likely interested in testing similar products that could provide the same outcome.

This is another reason why getting people the right product for what they are looking for can keep someone from associating your dispensary with feeling disappointed and disgruntled. A digital solution that speaks to not only beginner but experienced customers is a vital tool for boosting store sales, staff support and consumer satisfaction.

Since today’s consumer is accustomed to taking the initiative to do their own research in order to comfortably make purchases, then embracing a platform that provides access to a digital wealth of valid information would make a great deal of sense. This allows a dispensary owner to ensure their customers are getting accurate information in a world where a majority of searches on cannabis information can yield frustratingly varied results and advice.

Whether it’s someone’s first or thousandth time visiting a dispensary, stepping inside should always be an exciting experience that holds the promise of finding just the right product to purchase. When consumers are afforded the opportunity to learn via an engaging, educational platform, they subsequently feel empowered about their choices. More importantly, they can be confident that the dispensary cares just as much about earning their trust as they do earning their money.

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