Have a Seat, We’ll Be With You Shortly

In the age of customer satisfaction, it’s questionable why clients are left to wait on their own before being assisted. In the cannabis industry, many dispensaries fail to keep their customers actively engaged and informed.

What Can Be Done to Turn a Wait into a Positive Experience

As marketing and commerce have evolved, user experience has been thrust into the spotlight. No longer do customers feel satisfied when they aren’t left with anything to interact with. In the past, it was a pile of magazines on the countertop. Now in our hyper-digital age, it’s nearly expected by consumers to be given an experience during their time in-store.

Long wait times are more likely to leave a customer in a negative mood, especially when they feel left alone.

Seed’s interactive menus completely change the waiting experience into an educational experience. Cannabis products are filled with complicated terminology and jargon that many clients are unfamiliar with. Unknown to them, by interacting with Seed’s digital platform, they become involved in the experience that leaves them entertained and educated.

As we all know, entertainment is what most customers seek during any experience, and shopping in a cannabis dispensary is no different. Customers are inclined to move towards entertainment, and touch screens of varying sizes will attract curious clients. This curiosity then turns into something more, since the platform begins asking questions or giving answers.

This interactivity keeps clients absorbed in the retail experience, thus keeping them interested in the products you have to offer. Without a clear experience, customers are less likely to return or leave a shining review.

Seed’s integration can also speed up checkout times since the platform will visualize all the products you have on offer. This can significantly reduce wait times overall since many customers already know what they would like.

Education, express ordering, interactivity are all things that turn monotonous wait times into a positive shopping experience.

Education with Cross Merchandising

Seed’s interactive platform can easily input specific products that a given dispensary sells. This means that while customers are actively engaged in learning about a strain or product, the platform will reference products directly available in-store.

Now, customers can find in-depth information relating to terpenes, THC, CBD, edibles, concentrates and genetics conveniently inside the platform. When they select information regarding any of these terms, they’ll be shown products that are available on-site. This cross-merchandising enables customers to better understand various products on offer, all while gaining relevant information about it.

Many customers are shy about asking questions, and this phenomenon leads to confusion when it comes time to buy a product. When a customer knows what he/she wants, there is a less likely chance that they will return a product or leave a negative review.

Mixing education with available products is a form of up-selling and is incredibly helpful when customers don’t have anything else to do but wait. Seed’s platform adequately mixes these two to benefit both the customer and the business.

Micro-Targeting Clients Through Data Analysis

The new trend of analyzing data has become standardized from the likes of Amazon, Facebook, and Alibaba. This method of gathering customer data to better pinpoint their needs has become an indispensable tool in the world of commerce and marketing.

In the case of dispensaries, Seed’s platform that customers use daily can be analyzed for a better understanding of what clients seek. Are customers inquiring the most about concentrates? Do they seek Cannabis indica genetics over Cannabis sativa? This is data that can be realized through Seed’s interactive product.

Not only do your customers feel empowered through this breakthrough education tool, but you gain invaluable information regarding your clientele’s needs.

Since Seed’s platform can also be integrated into the POS device, a customer’s history can be analyzed to cater to them with personalized advertisements and products.

There is unlimited potential when using client data to provide a better experience for them.

A Tool for Everyone, All While Waiting

Seed’s kiosk isn’t biased towards anyone. Its interactive menu can easily be used and navigated. Users can have as little or as much knowledge of cannabis, and the platform will still generate much-needed information for those using it. Seed is the perfect tool for owners and customers alike, and it’s inevitable that all cannabis dispensaries will onboard interactive and educational technology for their clients.

The waiting room can only be improved up to a point. Increasingly comfortable furniture and amenities help keep clients happy, but they are still missing the interactions that they crave. This is why an in-store cannabis education solution is needed.



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